About this blog.

cropped-Linux_wallpapers_1811.jpgThere are many websites that show how Linux software can be used for indexing and editing images but I have not found so many that actually show a complete workflow, this blog is my attempt to show what can be done, this is meant as a simple guide and is not a step by step “how to” who knows it might even persuade the reader to give Linux a try! (Tux is his name if you are wondering about the image above, he is the official Linux mascot, this version was taken from a Linux wallpaper, there are many variants!)

Although the title of the blog is Linux and Photography mention will be made if software is available in a Windows version, so please browse the blog you may find something of interest even if you are not a Linux user! I will also include the occasional short review of hardware that I have tested myself and a few photo related DIY projects, and of course links to photo related sites that may be of interest to others. Interested? Start here.



Note! I have previously used this address for two other web projects (now defunct) but as of Dec. 2012 Linux & Photography is what should appear, kept it mainly because it’s short and easy to remember!