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About the author

Hi and welcome! my name is Michael Baker, you can call me Mike, 63 this year, a UK expat now living in Sweden, a Swedish wife and 4 children (+ 3 grandchildren) add to the picture, not pensioned yet, I work as a production technician and have a background from mechanical engineering in the UK. My interest in photography started when I was about 15 years old, got my hands dirty in the darkroom, even tried colour development, without much success I should add! I have used most kinds of cameras during this time, from coupled range-finder up to medium format twin lens reflex (Mamiya C330), prior to going digital I was using Olympus cameras (OM-1, OM-1n and XA).  Started digital photography in 2002 using bridge cameras (long zoom) until 2012 when I bought my first DSLR a Canon. My interest in Linux started around this time as well, trying a different version about once or twice a year, but I would run them parallel with Windows, then in 2007 I felt the time was ripe to use Linux as my primary OS, no big step really so I am hoping that I might with the help of this blog  instill a little curiosity in the reader about Linux (if you are not already a user).