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Repair project

The next project to be added to PHOTO DIY PROJECTS will most probably be the repair of a classic camera , the Olympus XA , the repair will be to the light traps on the camera back, the old ones have more or less crumbled away or become very sticky, I have now sourced some suitable foam, but I need to buy a couple of LR44 batteries to see if the shutter mechanism is still working, fortunately I removed the old batteries when I “went digital” so there is no corrosion and therefore it should work, if it does then I will document the repair.

Update: 05/02.  Bought the batteries and tested the camera’s electronic shutter, it worked fine! so the project is now underway, have started removing the old light trap material, documenting as I go, full report in PHOTO DIY PROJECTS when finished and tested.

Update: 19/02. The light traps have now been exchanged, everything seemed to work well, there is now a film in the camera and I have taken a few shots but unfortunately due to a recent knee injury  I have difficulty getting out and about, as soon as the film is finished and processed I will post the “how to” on this project (that is if the result was good and the camera is light tight!).

Update: 02/03 Film now finished, all I have to do now is find somewhere to get it developed!

Update: 12/03 Film now developed, good results, no light leakage, project description to follow in due course, should have time within next few days, latest at weekend.

Update: 17/03 Project finished and posting made under PHOTO DIY PROJECTS Olympus XA light-trap repair

A DIY focus rail

I have recently become interested in focus stacking and although my first attempts were not too bad I have come to the conclusion that a focus rail is necessary if I want to get better results, a perfect DIY project! The project is now under-way and should be ready for testing in early April 2013, the idea is to produce a unit that can be made from cheap components and require the minimum amount of machining, although I have turned a couple of of parts for the unit I am building they could have been produced with hand-tools, not so pretty perhaps but it could be done, once the project is finished and tested I will post a description on this blog, I am trying to keep the total price to around £20 (approx. €20).

Update: 29/03. I should be able to show a preview of the finished unit within the next two weeks.

Update: 28/04. Unit finished, write up can be found here.

Darktable 1.2 released

Some major improvements in this release, including the following:

Profiled denoising: adapt to the properties of your camera’s sensor (72 cameras already profiled for you).
Lightroom import: convert some basic edits from your lightroom collection to darktable operations.
Multi instance support: duplicate your modules and apply them more than one time with different settings.
improved usability for distorting modules (streamline spot removal in the presence of crop/rotate for example).
Conditional blending updates (colour popping).

Haven’t had time to test them all yet, it would appear that development is accelerating with new tools being made available at a faster rate than before, this software is becoming a major contender within its field!