This software is a Flickr remote organiser, although it is possible to use Flickr’s own web uploader from Linux I found it a little unstable from time to time, this was from Chromium which is my default browser, strange thing was this was not a problem from Firefox, Flickr have their own desktop uploader but only for Windows and Mac, so I started looking around for a Linux equivalent, actually there are several but the one that I found suited my requirements was Frogr.

It is extremely simple to use once you have set it up with your account details, the + adds an image  , – removes an image and ↑ uploads an image/images. Shown below is the user interface and the menu that is shown after right clicking on an image (Edit details), you can also choose to Add tags, Add to group, Add to set as well as Open in external viewer from the right click menu, I have found the program to be extremely stable, and so far have not had a single problem uploading single or multiple images from it , not really much more to add, again a nice simple clean interfaced program that just works!

Frogr user interface and menu for adding tags,comments etc.

Frogr user interface and menu for adding tags,comments etc.

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