Last but by no means least is Grsync, not photo software but all the more important, backup! This is of course something that we all know is of vital importance but still tend to miss, my own personal method is to use this software and two external USB hard drives, I will not remove an image from the camera memory card until the transfer has been made from the PC’s hard disk to the external hard drives, overkill perhaps but better safe than sorry! Grsync makes it very easy to backup, basically you choose a name for the backup session (Synchronize_pics_to_ExtHD) then by clicking on the open button browse to the source and destination, and that is more or less it! clicking on the gears icon starts the backup, clicking on the blue (i)nformation button does a “dry run” (no files are copied but you are able to view what would have been done). There are loads of settings that can be chosen from the Advanced and Extra option tabs for all manner of backups, I will not go into great detail here, my settings can be seen in the image below, perhaps the most important is the “Ignore existing” which ignores files that already exist on the destination, although I do have one checked on the Advanced options page, “Show itemized changes list”. A mouse over on a check box will give more information about its function, so most of it is really straightforward but if you need more info it can be found here You will even find a ported version for Windows!

Grsync user interface.

Grsync user interface.

Should perhaps add that I do of course use this software for other backups, documents etc. for this I have created separate sessions, four in all, you can of course use just one for everything you backup but I prefer this method, trying to keep things structured!

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