Old Tessar

Cheap LED lightsource

Found some cheap LED work-lights (39 SEK about £3.50 each) and mini tripods (10 SEK about £0.90 each) that with a little work were turned into light sources suitable for table-top and macro photography, all that was required were a couple of pieces of aluminium (25x13x9mm) that were drilled and countersunk for two screws and a central hole that was drilled and threaded 1/4″ Whitworth, these were then glued and screwed with small self-tapping screws onto the housing of the work-lights, I would have preferred to have them mounted internally but there was too little space between the battery compartment and the outer housing.


Tripod fitting

Close-up of the tripod fitting.

Mounted work-light.

Mounted work-light.







Watch close-up

First close-up using two work-lights as primary light source.

This was the first test image using the LED light sources, used cloudy setting for WB, good enough for a first try, could have used custom WB to improve on this.

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