A DIY focus rail

I have recently become interested in focus stacking and although my first attempts were not too bad I have come to the conclusion that a focus rail is necessary if I want to get better results, a perfect DIY project! The project is now under-way and should be ready for testing in early April 2013, the idea is to produce a unit that can be made from cheap components and require the minimum amount of machining, although I have turned a couple of of parts for the unit I am building they could have been produced with hand-tools, not so pretty perhaps but it could be done, once the project is finished and tested I will post a description on this blog, I am trying to keep the total price to around £20 (approx. €20).

Update: 29/03. I should be able to show a preview of the finished unit within the next two weeks.

Update: 28/04. Unit finished, write up can be found here.

3 thoughts on “A DIY focus rail

  1. John Mason

    Hi Mike

    I am really looking forward to seeing your DIY Focus Rail and how I can build one.

    I am trying to build a fine focus macro rig and your ideas would be most welcome personally.



    1. admin Post author

      Hi John
      You won’t have much longer to wait, just putting the finishing touches to the unit, it should be ready next week, (week 16 2013).



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