List of photo software used

The following is a short list of the photo software I use, for a complete list of Windows equivalents click here ( this also includes non photo related Software). My intention in this part of the blog is to give a short description of the software I use in my workflow, it is not intended to be more than a simple guide.


Shotwell  Organiser that also has certain editing functions (non-destructive editing).

Darktable Photo editing and RAW image development program (non-destructive editing).

Aftershot Pro Organiser, editor,and RAW image development  (non-destructive editing)*

Gimp  Photo editing and manipulation program (editing not yet fully non-destructive)*

Frogr  A Flickr remote organiser.

Grsync  Not photo software but all the more important, backup! *

= Windows version available.

Note! Most images used in posts can be viewed large by clicking on the image, return to post using your browsers back button.

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